A 917 resolutely modern

The Porsche 917 definitely impress the brand story and more broadly the story of the automobile on 1970 when she became the first Porsche winning the 24H of Le Mans. Many years after, in 2017, we create Racing Legend Car, a company dedicated to market replicas of there mytical cars. Because is not always easy to choose between tradition and modernity, and because replicas have to be accurate although more safe, we choose to colaborate with Bailey Cars. The 917 LM are a legacy of the past which add improvement of the present. And because the story of this 917 will not end as long as automobile market players keep endure the story, we choose to add a stone to the edifice, a stone between another to transmit this passion to the future generation! 

commander UNE 917



Created in 2017, Racing Legend Car began its activity following the rebuilding of a Porsche 917 ordered by Solar Production for the movie “Le Mans”. The goal of this reproduction was to keep the authenticity of this mythical car, and to revive the driving sensations of the glorious years of this racecar. 

The reproductions of our partner’s Bailey Cars, were to reunite these criteria. That's why, to this day, Racing Legend Car sells the Bailey Cars’ LM 917 in Europe and Emirates.